Jane Scott Design is dedicated to bringing attentive and professional client services to Interior Design. Jane has over 25 years of Interior Design experience in both residential and light commercial applications. The bulk of Jane's work has been high-end custom homes where she has been recognized for her ability to creatively bring a client's dream to light. After having relocated to Northern Idaho, Jane has developed a passion for the "Mountain Home" style of architecture. Whether you seek a large mountain home, a vacation cabin, a ski chalet, or a cozy cottage, Jane will help you clarify your goals, dreams, and expectations and apply them throughout the design process. Jane's design philosophy is that the design is the clients vision and that her role is to creatively bring it to reality while staying within budget and project time constraints.

Jane especially enjoys being a part of the design team at an early stage in the design process. This ensures that critical elements are not overlooked or become last minute course corrections. Some of the unique things that Jane contributes to the design process are:

  • Her sketching ability allows for quick exchange of design concepts without the need for costly formal drawings. This is especially important in the early stages of design when concepts are still fluid.
  • Jane's in-depth knowledge of interiors, fixtures, products, vendors, and other resources allows her to create a clients dream while remaining within budget.
  • In a typical project, Jane will prepare detailed specification documents. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Jane's ability to utilize AutoCad allows her to easily exchange information with other members of the design team.

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